The Root Chakra did it.


I think my Root Chakra just popped open. What a revelation! I have been feeling very weird lately and I have found one way to understand it. Through divine intervention, I have just become financially stable – not rich, just free of financial worries – and it is a VERY NEW feeling for me. So new that I’m struggling to adapt and accept my new status. Shouldn’t I be overjoyed? Why is this even an issue?

I am relatively preoccupied with wellness because I have another 30 great years to appreciate my new status and explore the entire world. In my preoccupation, I’ve begun yoga and it feels great – stretches, stomach vacuuming, deep breathing, gratitude meditations – all done while lying prone on my bed in the early morning. Seriously. But I’ve been feeling the need to stand up – I mean do some standing yoga too, so I went to the internet this morning to find poses and came to understand that they are, or can be, linked to the chakras and to chakra healing AND my need to stand is directly related to my Root Chakra telling me something. I know this sounds flakey and I do NOT mean to denigrate anybody’s spiritual or traditional beliefs; I just go with the flow and this is where it went this morning.

So… using Google images – a tool that really appeals to me as I am a visual learner – I made a tour through…..

  1. what and where the seven chakras are
  2. how to diagnose chakra blockages and deficits
  3. why my 6 chakras are relatively healthy, unblocked and happy
  4. what foods are associated with healthy chakras but why I need to eat more root vegetables
  5. what colors are associated with various chakras and why I immediately went to find the amazing red stone from Thailand that people had always told me was powerful and which nobody can name
  6. what herbs are associated with supporting chakra health and why I insisted on lavender in my new garden
  7. what stones and crystals are linked to chakra healing and why I feel connected to my rose quartz
  8. the importance of daily opening the chakras to check them and then “carefully closing them so as not to feel fuzzy headed” at the end of my bed yoga
  9. fears associated with each chakra and why I am determined to avoid a boring old age
  10. how other chakras manifest themselves in the colors and shapes I love, the need to express my creativity, the fear of lack of money, why my gut doesn’t seem to be working well
  11. for each chakra, a motto, some affirmations, related elements and energies – why I’ve been told I “need to feed my fire.”
  12. essential oils that are “high vibrational” for each chakra and why I now live in Oman, the ancient home of frankincense and myrrh
  13. why “earthing” is important and why I am compelled to walk the beach each day barefooted
  14. where the chakras can be located, in miniature, on the face, feet and hands and why I crave a good reflexology treatment
  15. and coming full circle, yoga poses for each chakra, how Sun Salutation actually links to each and every chakra, and 3 poses to start my new standing yoga routine.

So the first chakra is Muladhara – courage – the Root chakra located at the base of the spine – and it is the chakra of stability, security, and self-preservation. “When this chakra is open, you feel safe and fearless.” My newfound security and stability allow me to move with both confidence and connection to who I am. I am open to abundance.

Just going with the glow. So now I can go off and feel totally At Home in the World knowing….