Wuzhen Water Town Before

Wuzhen is a water town located on the Grand Canal near Hangzhou.  It has a really great PR campaign and I had been saving its Facebook posts for over a year – compelling images and dreamy ideals.  When I finally had a chance to visit, I was so disappointed.  It did not live up to my expectations, but maybe the hype had been just too … Continue reading Wuzhen Water Town Before

Charming Qibao Hidden in Shanghai

Ancient Qiboa Zhen – Seven Treasures Town seems hidden inside ultra-modern Shanghai.  I’ve seen a lot of the city of Shanghai, but not this little gem. Like other ancient towns, it is a square centered over a canal, with iconic bridges and weeping willows, striking doors and specialty shops. A long and busy shopping street runs down the middle. Near the end, I find a … Continue reading Charming Qibao Hidden in Shanghai

Xi’an Inside and Outside the Wall

Central to the mega-city of Xi’an is a mammoth and ancient city wall.  There is so much to explore, one way to set a program in the city is the delineate between what is inside and outside the great wall of Xi’an. Outside the wall – on the outskirts of the city – is the stunning Terracotta Warrior exhibit that is almost synonymous with Xi’an … Continue reading Xi’an Inside and Outside the Wall

Camel Beauty Queen Crowned in Oman

I was there when she was crowned – #1 Omani Camel Beauty for 2018. Actually, I don’t know exactly what she was called BUT I know her owners and trainers and all their families were VERY proud. Off in the deserts of Oman – in many places actually – camel festivals are held to promote cultural tradition and camel husbandry.  They are very prestigious affairs … Continue reading Camel Beauty Queen Crowned in Oman

The Wonders of the Wild Goose Pagodas

They are actually mis-named, according to my Xi’an guide who was fastidious about English. “It was a poor translation! It should be Wild Swan Pagodas”  he said, and I agree. Goose is not nearly as elegant a word as swan, and this temple complex in Xi’an is certainly elegant, and more!  Both the Big and the Small Wild Goose Pavilions are in the center of … Continue reading The Wonders of the Wild Goose Pagodas

Highlights of Hefei – My Home in China

Hefei, capital of Anhui province, is a small Chinese city of 7 million, my home in China. Each year, I spend from 3 weeks to 3 months at USTC. The University of Science and Technology of China, one of China’s most prestigious universities, has played a major role in turning Hefei into an academic, research and industrial powerhouse. Hence, Hefei is not known as a … Continue reading Highlights of Hefei – My Home in China