Penang – 35 days, 35 reasons to stay

Travel adventure is my life, but I do not need to rush around anymore. I don’t want to carry a backpack and race to see all the attractions in a place before marching on.  I don’t “do” places like young travelers. I was so privileged and pleased to “live” on Penang Island for an adventure holiday. I have a very dear friend to thank for … Continue reading Penang – 35 days, 35 reasons to stay

My Love Affair with Georgetown Chinatown

I am enraptured with Chinatown, the heart of Georgetown on Penang Island, Malaysia. I cannot deny my shameless bias for all things Chinese in multicultural Malaysia. Because I spend part of every year in China, I feel right at home in Chinatown everywhere but this one is special. Living in Penang for a month, I was drawn back almost every day to the streets and … Continue reading My Love Affair with Georgetown Chinatown

Making Memories of Qatar in Doha

Doha is an amazing city. It didn’t even exist a few decades ago. And look at it now!! Here is that pyramid-shaped hotel today – still vibrant, still iconic on the Doha skyline. Doha has had wise leadership and lots of resources, so, as an ultramodern city, it offers every conceivable opportunity to make memories – many that the world knows all about. I am … Continue reading Making Memories of Qatar in Doha

7 days, 7 delights in #OmanMy2Home

Oman offers a delightful mixture of things to do and see, taste and hear, feel and enjoy. Here’s a sample of 7 different delights I would share with you if you were here. 1. Beach time. The sea is fresh and cool in March, the sand is smooth and clean, and I know where to go to avoid the crowds. We would pause to watch … Continue reading 7 days, 7 delights in #OmanMy2Home

Driving Sri Lanka – Tips and Tales

Even I wasn’t sure it could be done: a tourist driving all around Sri Lanka in a car. Not a car with a driver. A rental car! Lots of Sri Lankans laughed… no…the drivers, they said, were too bad. But I was determined and I’m so glad I persevered. Rented a little car and headed out to semi-circumnavigate Sri Lanka. Here are some tips and … Continue reading Driving Sri Lanka – Tips and Tales

Coming full circle – back to Negombo

I drove all the way through Colombo from south to north – something that had been unimaginable when I started driving in Sri Lanka! It wasn’t easy, but I have learned the game of how to drive here. We were able to return our little rental car, after driving 2000 kms, with not a single scratch! The final leg of the circumnavigation was from Galle … Continue reading Coming full circle – back to Negombo

Fabled Fort Galle – Something for Everyone

Fort Galle is a delight. A World Heritage Site, it sits on a promontory with its back to the prosperous trading city of Galle and its face to the entire exotic South Seas. Wandering the alleys and narrow streets is like going back in time through the history of Sri Lanka. Streets of beautiful but aging buildings from the Dutch era And new ones reminiscent … Continue reading Fabled Fort Galle – Something for Everyone

Tangalle to Galle – The South Coastal Road

From the highlands of Sri Lanka, we arrived at the south coast at Hambantota. I was really sick, and Annie and the kind staff cared for me at the beautiful Peacock Resort. I ingloriously survived food poisoning and we drove on to Tangalle, our scheduled stop. Tangalle is primarily a busy local town of markets, schools, mosques, temples and churches. It gives a simple and … Continue reading Tangalle to Galle – The South Coastal Road

Kandy is Eye Candy

A feast for the eyes – sweet, vibrant, irresistible, varied, compelling, everywhere you look – Kandy is endless eye candy. The Sacred City of Kandy is the heart of Sri Lanka, and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic has been the heart of Kandy for 2000 years. There are gorgeous images at every turn. I was delighted to find moonstones, each with special significance … Continue reading Kandy is Eye Candy