7 days, 7 delights in #OmanMy2Home

Oman offers a delightful mixture of things to do and see, taste and hear, feel and enjoy. Here’s a sample of 7 different delights I would share with you if you were here. 1. Beach time. The sea is fresh and cool in March, the sand is smooth and clean, and I know where to go to avoid the crowds. We would pause to watch … Continue reading 7 days, 7 delights in #OmanMy2Home

The Heartbeat of Oman

While Oman is spectacularly beautiful on the outside,  even more beautiful – inside – is the beating heart of Oman – the people and the culture of this most amazing of  Middle Eastern countries.     Never will you experience more generous, friendly, helpful and kind people than Omanis.  They treat everyone with respect – their families, their neighbors, their guests.  I have lived or … Continue reading The Heartbeat of Oman

Bait Al Bustan – Creating Home in Oman

  Last night we sat on the balcony in Al Bustan village and listened to the drums and bagpipes, clapping and chanting of the wedding near the beach.  It was enchanting, and it is one of the thousand reasons I chose to make a home here in Oman. It started with a small apartment in the village – half of the second story of a … Continue reading Bait Al Bustan – Creating Home in Oman

Nature’s Big Five in Oman

Oman is an exceptionally beautiful country with 5 key natural features – beaches, mountains, the sea, wadis and the desert.  All are accessible and combined, make for a spectacular adventure in Oman. Oman borders the Sea of Oman on 2 sides – 3165 km of coastline.  Much of that is sublime beach, some of it very remote and some very populated by resorts.  In between … Continue reading Nature’s Big Five in Oman

I hate construction noise – and I hate monied manipulation more!

They seemed determined to remove an entire mountain right beside our quiet village home. Jack-hammering and screeching monster machines. Please Universe. Make this the last day. So…4 months of daily racket of 5 screeching machines, jackhammering to break down the mountain, non-stop ear-piercing noise. Somebody paid millions to break the peaks, fill the wadi and flatten the huge surface for “one house and a government … Continue reading I hate construction noise – and I hate monied manipulation more!