ColorBurst SriLanka

SriLanka is a feast for the eyes.  Landscape colors change dramatically from sunrise to sunset.  Storms bring eerie shades and shadows.  My photos use no filters… SriLanka is dramatic without any human help.

It was easy for humans to add to the color drama.

I have been wandering around Negombo – the first small city you reach when you arrive by air in Sri Lanka.  It is a great introduction to this exotic island.  Negombo mostly sits perched on a small bit of land between the endlessly surging sea and a placid tidal lagoon.

The city has expanded around what is really a fishing village – a hard life for fishermen either on the sea or the lagoon. Most meals include fish because it is cheap and plentiful.

Sri Lankan food is delicious and natural, from the shops along the roads, from the street food and gourmet restaurants on Beach Avenue.  Lots of spices and coconut.

Life is fairly slow and traditional in Negombo.

I have spent many weeks now in Negombo, and it almost feels like a third home.  For me, Negombo treats?  The Ayurvedic spa and the amazing pools at the Jetwing Lagoon because you really cannot swim in either the sea or the lagoon.

Negombo nature? Ubiquitous herons and seabirds on the watch to compete with the fishermen.

Negombo adventures?  A tuktuk trip to the market in Colombo.

Negombo necessities?  Roadside stalls for everything it seems.

Negombo surprise?  Cultural displays I almost understand.


Negombo memories?  The muted colors of sun-dappled yards and lazy afternoons.  And the sharp natural contrasts of the ColorBurst that is Sri Lanka.

While I was last in Sri Lanka, I got my International Drivers License and spent a full day driving in a circle tour from Negombo.  It was spectacular but I have no photos because I was firmly focused on the road – a moving mass of people, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, cows, fast family sedans and slow buses.  Next time….