Shanghai Speaks to Me

Sometimes, Shanghai shouts!  It is a city with a huge voice, larger than life, grand vistas, impressive towers, sweeping views.  A loud, demanding, engaging global voice!


Day and night. Shanghai shouts.


But also… Shanghai is resplendent with Chinese art and architecture that has a more accented voice- the voice of culture and tradition.  More refined.  I seek it out naturally.


The European voice is heard too, in the most appreciated language of Art Deco – the two hotels where I stay in Shanghai.  Easy to get around, easy to walk, easy to enjoy!


The side streets and alleys of the surrounding French Quarter are fascinating!


Easy to find EXACTLY what you need to buy.  Although I didn’t need any, I was fascinated by this display of  aluminum rods,


In addition to wandering backstreets, the three “markets” I return to regularly are;

  1. the Yuyuan Bazaar – delightful photo ops and delicious Shanghai soup dim sum
  2. Tianzifan – oodles of small unique shops and cafes
  3. Xin Tian Di – upscale and enchanting, a real gathering place at night

For me, Shanghai is good friends and great times – eating and shopping. The voice of laughter and munching.


But the best part of Shanghai, the part that speaks to me most, is the sharp whisper of the details when I walk slowly enough to listen.


I walk a lot in Shanghai, and it’s the street view that entices me.  24 million people live in Shanghai… just above street level and out in the parks, they carry on their lives. The umbrellas are part of the marriage market in the People’s Square.


Sometimes, after a noisy day of Shanghai voices,  the best is the sound of silence.