The Allure of Lijiang

Words are inadequate to describe Lijiang in remote Yunnan, so just a bit of context before my photo blast.  Lijiang Ancient Town is perched on a sidehill, with a serious of streams and canals cascading down through lanes and shops, guesthouses and restaurants, huge squares and tiny alleys.  At the top of the village is the Waterwheel, emblematic of Lijiang, next to a large parking … Continue reading The Allure of Lijiang

Shuhe on the Tea Horse Road

Tucked into the mountains just beyond bustling Lijiang city is Shuhe Ancient Town – notable as the start of the mountain horse paths carrying tea out from Yunnan to the world.  For a moment, I thought I was in Banff in my Canadian home of Alberta, until the traffic on the road reminded me I was in very remote China. Like Xizhou and it’s bigger … Continue reading Shuhe on the Tea Horse Road

Xizhou Village on the Edge

I suppose most villages in China –  if they have survived wars, earthquakes and the relentless passage of time – could be considered Ancient Towns.  Some have achieved status as World Heritage sites – Lijiang and Pingyao – or as AAAAA Tourist Attractions – Zhouzhuang and Dali.  But some are just there… like Xizhou Village, on the edge of famous Dali Ancient Town and on … Continue reading Xizhou Village on the Edge

Wuzhen Water Town Before

Wuzhen is a water town located on the Grand Canal near Hangzhou.  It has a really great PR campaign and I had been saving its Facebook posts for over a year – compelling images and dreamy ideals.  When I finally had a chance to visit, I was so disappointed.  It did not live up to my expectations, but maybe the hype had been just too … Continue reading Wuzhen Water Town Before