Negombo Where Sri Lanka Begins and Ends

Because that is where the airport is, any travel to Sri Lanka begins and ends in Negombo. And that is such a splendid thing because Negombo is so interesting and welcoming and quintessentially Sri Lankan. It is a timeless fishing town full of tourists who appreciate this exotic land of spices and gems, beer and beaches, coconut and curry. Your world can be completely transformed in the 20 minute tuktuk ride from the airport to your Negombo guesthouse near the sea.

The first few days of this adventure we spend near the beach. Khottu roti and lime juice lunches. Lion Lagers while ritually observing the sunset. And then to busy beach road shopping for flipflops and big-brimmed hats.

But there is more to Negombo. Off the busy beach road, the pace of life and quality of life are quite serene.

Parts of Negombo life seem frozen in time.

Sunday market seemed equally timeless – and endless!!

The world’s religions have left their mark on Sri Lanka and Negombo has many, many places of worship for the mix of Catholics, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists who live side by side. Religion is a prominent feature of culture and tradition in Sri Lanka and we are off to see ancient temples tomorrow.

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