Daytripping Train to Galle

  “You are brave.  I haven’t even used the train in Sri Lanka” said my Sri Lankan friend.  Hmmm?!   With a railway system that covers most of the country,  most Sri Lankans rely on trains for public transport.  Yes, it can be noisy, hot and gritty – a scramble for seats and for breathing space.  But for a tourist, it is a cheap and fascinating … Continue reading Daytripping Train to Galle

ColorBurst SriLanka

SriLanka is a feast for the eyes.  Landscape colors change dramatically from sunrise to sunset.  Storms bring eerie shades and shadows.  My photos use no filters… SriLanka is dramatic without any human help. It was easy for humans to add to the color drama. I have been wandering around Negombo – the first small city you reach when you arrive by air in Sri Lanka.  … Continue reading ColorBurst SriLanka

Let me show you Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

  I have a weakness for ancient river towns in China. I love them and you will see why! Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is – on one hand – a major tourist attraction, and people flock  into town to stroll the alleys, enjoy the local cuisine, and ride the canal boats.   And to shop…Zhouzhang is famous for it’s wine, among other things.   All sorts … Continue reading Let me show you Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

The 5 Flags of the Permanent Traveler

We all have a flag  – the country that holds our passport and our heart – Flag 1.  But there are other “flags” that make it possible to be a PT – Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler, “Prior Taxpayer.”  With credit to Nomad Capitalist, the logic of the 5 Flag Theory is this:  you may go where you are treated best. Every time you base a … Continue reading The 5 Flags of the Permanent Traveler