I hate construction noise – and I hate monied manipulation more!

They seemed determined to remove an entire mountain right beside our quiet village home. Jack-hammering and screeching monster machines. Please Universe. Make this the last day.

So…4 months of daily racket of 5 screeching machines, jackhammering to break down the mountain, non-stop ear-piercing noise. Somebody paid millions to break the peaks, fill the wadi and flatten the huge surface for “one house and a government signal tower” – or so the sign said. THEN it was announced that Somebody was really going to build a 5 star resort and bizarre designs circulated on Whatsapp. THEN the village said NO when the Department of Tourism directed Somebody to get approval from the people directly affected. YEAH!!!

And then this:

“Welcome to the members of the esteemed group
A five-star residential project will be built in the Al Bustan area on the plot starting from the beginning of the farm for Mr. Musallam bin Ali al-Busaidi, near the house of Mr. Badr, currently owned by Dr. Khaled Al-Muta’ani. Note that the project benefits and benefits of the most important.
1 – Provide employment opportunities for young people.
2 – Building a wedding hall above the General Council.
3- Building the Holy Quran School.
4- Building and cultivating the field of Al Bustan team.
5 – Building the mosque in the heights of the orchard with the new residential scheme
The owner of the project is prepared to undertake the service projects that serve the region in the first place.
The interest of the country and the people of the region above all considerations.
We await the group’s opinion on the project”

I trust the Village to see through this blatant manipulation. And I ask: how can Somebody be trusted when the story keeps changing?