Tangalle to Galle – The South Coastal Road

From the highlands of Sri Lanka, we arrived at the south coast at Hambantota. I was really sick, and Annie and the kind staff cared for me at the beautiful Peacock Resort. I ingloriously survived food poisoning and we drove on to Tangalle, our scheduled stop.

Tangalle is primarily a busy local town of markets, schools, mosques, temples and churches. It gives a simple and pious impression. Since leaving home in Oman, it was the first time I was awakened by the call to prayer, followed by chanting and singing from all the other places of worship.

Our stay at the French Residence was quiet, after we silenced the road noise by willing it away in our minds.

For us, Tangalle was a place of serene sunrises and sunsets, moon rises and a stellar Poya moon.

But the sea is rough at Tangalle, so most serious sun and sea worshipers are further along towards Galle.

The road to Galle is more like a long tangled mainstreet of shops and tumble down shacks and glamorous resorts all strung together… a slow drive with lots to see. Beautiful monuments.

Beaches for the sun worshippers and surfers

Fishermen of all sorts

And architectural remnants of Empire.

It was a challenging drive because there was a lot of erratic traffic, and it ended in Galle where the driving got even harder.

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