Fabled Fort Galle – Something for Everyone

Fort Galle is a delight. A World Heritage Site, it sits on a promontory with its back to the prosperous trading city of Galle and its face to the entire exotic South Seas. Wandering the alleys and narrow streets is like going back in time through the history of Sri Lanka.

Streets of beautiful but aging buildings from the Dutch era

And new ones reminiscent of the same elegant style

Galle Fort is surrounded by the sea that you only see by walking the high ramparts

So there are frequent reminders of the Fort’s maritime significance

And the colonial contribution of churches and mosques

with the stories told by inlaid gravestones

A few reminders of the Art Deco age

And doors of a most colorful culture

I think they are somehow related to the wooden animals oddly placed around the town

Every door seems to have a story!

On some, there is an additional unique feature of a small gate and patio separating door and street

Of course there are beautiful elements of Sri Lankan culture

And the homage to the symbol of Sri Lankan

Images and cultural symbolism mix

Some messages are less cryptic than others

Fort Galle throngs with tourists and there is a lot for them to buy, some really lovely shops

And some pretty tacky

Saturday in Galle Fort seemed to be wedding photo day

We’re happy at our little hotel – Mrs Warnake’s Guest House Beach Haven

Days are hot and sticky, nights are sultry and mysterious

I spent my birthday strolling one last time and celebrating with Annie as the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

Galle Fort has something for everyone.

Over the centuries, some things are in a state of decay

And some old things are well-preserved.

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