The Root Chakra did it.

  I think my Root Chakra just popped open. What a revelation! I have been feeling very weird lately and I have found one way to understand it. Through divine intervention, I have just become financially stable – not rich, just free of financial worries – and it is a VERY NEW feeling for me. So new that I’m struggling to adapt and accept my … Continue reading The Root Chakra did it.

Arab world Adventurers – my inspiration

9 Historical Arabs who Traveled the World by Yasmil Helal is an inspiring read. It is thought-provoking to learn these adventurers preceded or assisted the European explorers that we study in Western education.  Seems to me that we need a new history curriculum… Fundamentally, these adventurers were seeking knowledge rather than economic exploitation.  I wish I could find the books they’ve written…. Yasmil writes  “Here are some … Continue reading Arab world Adventurers – my inspiration

The Silk Roads – A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan

For various clients, I have developed a lecture on the importance of Intercultural Leadership Skills for all the parties living along China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative – the “rebirth” of the land and sea Silk Roads.  This book is an excellent analysis of how that label came to be used, and how China’s plans are but a continuation of an ancient trading imperative.  More … Continue reading The Silk Roads – A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan

Two Maldives

There are two Maldives:  one for the tourists and one for the local Maldivians who work – mostly – for the visitors.  I had the great good fortune to be attached to the second – spending 10 days with the wonderful people at Maldives National University.  Male, where MNU has its main campus, is a congested and cramped city crammed onto a tiny island.  It … Continue reading Two Maldives