Kandy is Eye Candy

A feast for the eyes – sweet, vibrant, irresistible, varied, compelling, everywhere you look – Kandy is endless eye candy. The Sacred City of Kandy is the heart of Sri Lanka, and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic has been the heart of Kandy for 2000 years. There are gorgeous images at every turn. I was delighted to find moonstones, each with special significance … Continue reading Kandy is Eye Candy

Driving East Coast Sri Lanka – Trincomalee and Batticolao

Trincomalee had a special pull for me: I lived on Mayne Island looking up the Trincomali Channel every night at unparalleled Canadian sunsets. So in Sri Lanka, Trincomalee on the east coast drew me, although I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it had lots of history, still in evidence today. Trincomalee is a strategic and historically important deepwater port for SL and the … Continue reading Driving East Coast Sri Lanka – Trincomalee and Batticolao

Home of the Ancient Moon Stones of Sri Lanka

It’s called the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, and the three points are 1. Dambulla, north of Kandy, 2. Sigiriya and Polonnawara to the north east, and 3. Anuradhapura and Mihitale to the north west – three historical sites with ancient temples and royal cities that have become World Heritage Sites. This area is the home of the ancient moon stones of Sri Lanka. We … Continue reading Home of the Ancient Moon Stones of Sri Lanka

Negombo Where Sri Lanka Begins and Ends

Because that is where the airport is, any travel to Sri Lanka begins and ends in Negombo. And that is such a splendid thing because Negombo is so interesting and welcoming and quintessentially Sri Lankan. It is a timeless fishing town full of tourists who appreciate this exotic land of spices and gems, beer and beaches, coconut and curry. Your world can be completely transformed … Continue reading Negombo Where Sri Lanka Begins and Ends

Circumnavigating Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is sensational – vibrantly green and lush countryside, intriguing villages and cities, endlessly appealing food and fabrics, kind and welcoming people.  I need some Sri Lanka time each year. It’s been a dream since my first trip to Sri Lanka – to circumnavigate the island nation.  Not by boat – that would be someone else’s dream.  I am driving, and my dear friend … Continue reading Circumnavigating Sri Lanka